Men’s Sex and Porn Recovery Group

It has finally happened: you have been “caught” or maybe even found out “yet again”; your wife or girlfriend went through your phone, your emails, somehow discovered your porn addiction, the other women, the strip clubs, the escorts, the cyber-sex and you feel motivated to change. Perhaps your relationship with porn and masturbation has led to increasing isolation and you are unable to meet or engage in healthy sex with someone you actually care about. Recovery from porn and/or sex addiction involves being honest, accountable, seen and met by safe men that speak a similar language.

If you are ready to stop living a double life, come to this group and become: congruent, happy, successful, honest, and sober. Join us for ongoing support!


Finding Her Voice: Partner’s Group for Women

Do you often find it hard to communicate your needs with your partner/spouse?  Can it be tough for you to trust female friendships? Do you find it difficult to take off the mask of perfection and just be “real” about your problems in front of your friends?  Can it be difficult to open up sexually to your partner? Are you having a difficult time letting go of past betrayals (romantic or otherwise)?  If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this is going to be THE group for you!


Please call my office to find out more about group therapy. We look forward to having you join us!

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