Erectile Dysfunction

ED Treatment and Remedies

ED Treatment and Remedies

Men are at disadvantage when it comes to sex. In the bedroom while love-making the penis is out there in plain sight for all to see in size and firmness. Not to mention the myth of the penis and its capabilities comes with a societal agenda as impressive as the Empire State Building. Erectile Dysfunction is weighted with more shame than almost any other psychological issue that sex therapists treat. The patients in my office are often successful on many planes; they own companies, they are movers and shakers across every imaginable profession which only further compounds the issue: why do I suffer from erectile dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is highly treatable once the underlying cause are better understood.

Do you:

Avoid dating for fear of losing your erection?

Watch porn more than feels healthy to you?

Suffer from anxiety about losing your erection when having intercourse?

Experience depression as result of your sexual performance?

Delay being sexual with your partner in case you lose your erection or ejaculate too quickly?

If you answered yes to any of the above sex therapy may right for you.


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