Vaginismus Treatment

Vaginismus Treatment with Psychotherapy

Vaginismus Treatment with Psychotherapy

The most successful outcomes for vaginismus treatment usually involve working with a team of health care providers, including both a physical therapist and a psychotherapist.  The physical pain is real and the emotional pain equally constricting. Not every woman that suffers with vaginismus has a history of emotional trauma and yet the experiences of having been diagnosed with vaginismus often leads to complex feelings which benefit from sex therapy, trauma or no trauma.  It is important to coordinate the right and the left hand, i.e. addressing the physical and the emotional aspects of vaginismus.

Vaginismus treatment can often yield visible results within a few sessions. As clients start to understand the personal narrative underneath their pain, symptoms of vaginismus start to lesson. Hormonal imbalances as result of biology, aging, or birth control can make the vaginal tissue fragile; additionally a vagina that cannot tolerate penetration acts as an emotional door keeper, a way of keeping the self safe. This is why one of cornerstones of vaginismus treatment is fostering a sense of safety both in session and within the self. During vaginismus treatment I encourage my clients to listen to their bodies. Our bodies are very wise. As clients learn to lean into the vaginal sensations without forcing results, success unilaterally follows.


Sex Therapy for Vaginismus

Do you:

-Experience pain during intercourse?

-Experience increased sensitivity in the vagina as a result of long term use of oral birth control?

-Have anxiety at the thought of using tampons or seeing your OBGYN?

-Fear dating because it will lead to sex?

– Do you feel like there is something wrong with me?

-Find penetration intolerable?

-Have memories or a felt sense that you are a sexual abuse survivor?

-Wonder what is normal when it comes to intercourse?


If you answered yes to any of these questions treatment for vaginismus may be right for you.


If you want to know more about vaginismus:


What to expect from sex therapy for vaginismus:

Many of my clients just want to learn how to tolerate vaginal pain; progress is measured on their ability to achieve penetration. To the contrary sex therapy for vaginismus is most successful when clients listen to the bodies instead of fighting them. As we focus on the mind/ body connection in session, sex can become not only tolerable but pleasurable. The benefits of sex therapy for vaginismus include: a better understanding of sexual function, comfortability talking about sex, increased self-confidence and self-esteem, a reduction in anxiety and depression, and a desire to date or explore sexuality with a husband, boyfriend, or partner.


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